COURSE TITLE: Working at Height

Working at height is a high-risk activity; fatalities occur if the tasks are not properly controlled. This course will educate the trainee on how to work safely and follow safe systems of work.

At the end of the course, trainees will have in depth knowledge about:
 Introduction to work at height
o Activities which can be considered as work at height
o Hazards, Risks, Consequences of working at height

 Legal requirements
o Introduction to OSHA (1926.500 – 503) Sub Part M-Fall Protection

 Definitions
o Body Belt (Safety Belt)
o Guard Rail Systems
o Personal Fall Arrest System
o Positioning Device System
o Lanyard
o Snap Hooks

 Fall Protection
o Guard Rails
o Anchorage
o Horizontal Lifeline
o Vertical Lifeline
o Full Body Harness
o Connectors
o Safety Nets
o Free Fall Distance
o Calculation of Total Fall Distance
o Warning Lines

 Leading Edge Work
 Hoist Areas
 Holes & Sky Lights
 Ramps, Runways & Walkways
 Excavations

On successfully completing the assessment, the delegate would obtain a completion certificate and can print a wallet card with a unique identifier number. These can be checked either by scanning the QR code or in the ‘Check a Card’ function on the home page of Human Focus International LMS.