IOSH course in Saudi Arabia

Founded in 1945, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) provides comprehensive understanding on workplace safety and health, risk management and environment protection techniques to students and working professionals through its approved centres spread across the world.

IOSH is a UK-based educational board launched to create awareness among workforce across the world on occupational safety and health so that fatalities, injuries and health disorders can be prevented or controlled.

The courses offered by IOSH are in compliance with international standards and principles with regard to creating safe, secure, clean and hazard-free working environment for workers who are well equipped to prevent occupational disasters and disease outbreaks.

Why study IOSH course?

IOSH-certified professionals carry rich understanding and practical and analytical skills on occupational safety and health and can independently act as consultants for companies and industries who want to develop secure and safe working environments for their employees. IOSH offers courses which are tailor-made to meet the safety and health requirements of various types of work nature and employees, who come from different work backgrounds.

Since IOSH is a well-recognised educational body offering world-class health & safety courses, participants who secure certification are offered with high profile employment opportunities.

What does IOSH do?

IOSH courses are well structured to meet the industry needs on creating accident-free work environments. All courses are packaged to benefit individual participant who can be placed in respective work environment as safety and health officer/manager/technician. Students joining IOSH courses can be educated on various aspects of occupational safety and health issues and practices followed in different demographic regions.

The courses enable them to create suitable strategy at their work places to achieve incident-free offices and factories. Students passing out at Green World Group centres in Saudi Arabia with IOSH certifications are well recognised by employers around the world. IOSH certification also facilitates students to pursue higher studies specialising in various sub-categories of health and safety courses.

Green World Group in Saudi Arabia offers IOSH in two modules: IOSH Managing Safely and IOSH Working Safely. Both are different courses structured to meet needs of industry and work force.

Who can study IOSH Course?

IOSH can be studied by workers, students and employers’ representatives who want to update them with advanced knowledge, skills and know-how on safety, security, health, potential hazards and environmental issues related to worksites.

Aspiring students and working individuals can join IOSH course in Green World Group at its any of the centre spread across Saudi Arabia – Jubail, Dammam, Al Khobar and Yanbu.