What does National Diploma courses – One Year offer?

GWG is the premier occupational Health and Safety course provider and management consultant which is offering for Corporate Diploma Courses at affordable cost.!! We are conducting the following Diploma courses – Adoshem, Diploma in Offshore safety, Diploma in Fire engineering & safety management, Diploma in Industrial Safety and Diploma in Construction safety etc. We are having our own outlet in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Angola and Oman.

This Diploma safety courses guides learners through all the important aspects involved and is ideal for anyone wishing to attain certification or gain a greater understanding of workplace safety and health.

Topics covered in this distance learning courses include behaviour-based safety for supervisors and managers, workstation ergonomics, back safety, and the keys to maintaining a workplace.

To gain a thorough understanding of key aspects such as risk analysis, hazard identification and control, safety education/training, and best practice policies for the implementation of effective safety programs.

National Diploma courses are :

  1. Master Diploma in Occupational Health, Safety, Environment & Risk Management
  2. Post Diploma In Power Plant Engineering, Safety & Technology
  3. Post Diploma in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  4. Post Diploma in petro-chemical process safety & engineering Courses
  5. Advanced Diploma in Chemical Plant Processing Safety & Management
  7. Diploma in Electrical Safety
  8. Diploma in Environmental Safety
  9. Diploma in Industrial Safety
  10. Diploma in Construction Safety
  11. Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management
  12. Diploma in Offshore Safety
  13. Diploma in Food Safety